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Who would've thunk --

August 13th, 2010 by

"Who would've thunk
the thirteenth fell on Friday?"

Today is Friday the 13th. So, watch this live recording of the band Jawbreaker playing their song "In Sadding Around."

This shatterer of a song sums up many of the roiling doubt-stricken internal emotions of being young.

Or being any age.

Never before had the sentence "We make plans." held or hurt so much.

Lyrics on a cloudy day.

The video is by YouTube's boywithstars, who had this commentary on the clip:

Jawbreaker playing "In Sadding Around" live at Vino's in Little Rock, AR on 6/15/1993. This is from the tour that followed their recoding session with Steve Albini for 24 Hour Revenge Therapy. I've kept all the between song banter and whatnot so that you can view the whole show if you'd like, the quality of this one is a bit lacking. Go to my profile, and check out the playlists for the easiest way to watch the whole thing, or other shows. This is part 11 of 14

(Thank you to YouTube's boywithstars & the indispensable loosecharm.org. Hello LRRN! Hello LNZLLO! Hey, Hodge.)