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Innovation Equals Two Swords As One

April 18th, 2011 by

Innovation is where you find it inside one's self.


This is "Ni-Ten-Ichi-Ryu (2 Swords Technique)" by Photek.

The song and video are inspired by the famed warrior Miyamoto Musashi's technique and koryū.


There are two explicit things to take away from this video:

1.) You can innovate as quickly as you can think of it.

2.) Sword-fighting sequences are awesome.

(Inspired by Kyle. Video via YouTube user ZombiDidgeridoo. Picture via unheard78.blogspot.com.)

Bring The Gold. [Do you know what today is?]

March 17th, 2011 by

From beloved animator Brad Neely comes this important treatise on St. Patrick's Day -- or as we call it: Amateur Drinkers' Night.

As an aside to Pat: It's easy to say you chased the snakes out of Ireland when there weren't any there to begin with.

It's a Wednesday Of The Talking Horse. [This Is What Rock Looks Like]

January 12th, 2011 by

Melvins, yes. Taste the surrealism.

Oh, this song. The final set of riffs on this track are overwhelming, like being tossed head-over-heels by a wave of blood at night.


(Via the video's director, Behn Fannin.)

I love the work that you do but fuck you. [Fuck You Friday]

November 12th, 2010 by

It's a Fuck You Friday.Hey.

Things been alright with you?

Do y' know what today is?

Yeah. It's a Fuck You Friday.

Today's allotment of anti will go towards hospitals.

I don't like it. And I know that I don't like it even though it helps.

Understand: hospitals are good. Hospitals do their best each day and each night. Hospitals are there to help. But goddammit,  I fucking hate being in hospitals.

So, a salute to the men and women who work at hospitals and the unspeakably difficult work that they do.

And fuck you to the incipient unhappiness that inhabits hospitals. The people that work there are doing the best that they can.

Now, here's Off With Their Heads playing "For The Four."

"I'm not walking through hospital doors today."

(Video via YouTube user MzCandyAppleRed.)

Hey, uh... do you know what today is?

October 1st, 2010 by

It's the first of the month.



(Pictures via photobucket.com and fanpop.com, respectively.)

It's a "Let's listen to the music of the band Quicksand" Saturday.

September 4th, 2010 by

Saturday. I love Saturdays.

Let's listen to the music of the band Quicksand.

Quicksand shirt front. Art by Melinda Beck.

The front of a Quicksand shirt. Art by Melinda Beck.

Quicksand were an hardcore/post-hardcore mid-tempo jackhammer punk rock band out of New York City during the early 1990s.

When they moved with speed, their music careened high like a vapor trail above a grey city. When they moved methodically, their sound groaned and creaked like girders in a bridge above water or boards in a boat's deck.

Anthemic, teeth-bared music. Each melody and line is hard-bitten and hard-won. It is inspirational in its own grim and glorious way.

The back of Quicksand shirt.

Small text from the back of the same Quicksand shirt.

Here they are playing "Thorn In My Side" and "Brown Gargantuan" on The John Stewart Show in 1995. (Hilariously, they're followed by Elastica playing "Connection" on this video.) Let's listen:

(Thanks to YouTube user xshedx1270.)

Here they are playing "Head To Wall" (live) and "Omission" (soundcheck) during their 1993 tour with Rage Against The Machine.

(Thanks to YouTube user joenehi.)

Take it away on this Fuck You Friday.

September 3rd, 2010 by

It's a Fuck You Friday.Evenin'.

Been a pretty good day.

Now, do you know what today is?

Yeah. It's a Fuck You Friday.

Take it away, Cee-Lo:

(This one's for Ray, who loves him some Cee-Lo.)

It's a "Let's Sing About Volcanoes In The State Of Washington" Wednesday.

September 1st, 2010 by

Volcanoes? In Washington state?

Yeah, man; don't you remember Mount St. Helens?

Mount St. Helens goes up.

Mount St. Helens' eruption column around 8:35 AM on May 18, 1980. Photo via wikipedia.org.

Y'know what? Let's sing about it.

Start you off with the sunny/chunky sounds of The Presidents Of The United States Of America with their helpfully explanatory song "Volcano."

(Video via YouTube user presidentsrock, the official YouTube channel of The Presidents Of The United States Of America.)

Next, the crushing mathcore power of Tacoma's-own Botch. In the past I've verbally explained their music as what it would sound like if The Dillinger Escape Plan and Phillip Glass were having a drunken giggling slap-fight 'round a campfire in an Olympic Peninsula trailer park under the stars.



From the back of a shirt by the band Botch celebrating the re-release of their album American Nervoso.

Further, I once described their couplet of songs "Afghamistam / Micaragua" thusly:

There is a moment in the song where after a lull, the track breaks open like a herd of Clydesdales bursting from a snow-swept barn in slow motion. "RIIIDE!" bellows singer David Verellen as the song thunders downslope.


Can't recommend their work highly enough. It is monstrously inertia-laden, gleefully-abstruse, complex metal music for adults (and/or anyone). Yes.

So, here are Botch delivering their devastatingly-propulsive vulcanphobic song "Hutton's Great Heat Engine" live at Chain Reaction in Anaheim on 2000/03/25.

(Thanks to YouTube user axewound.)

Let's be safe out there, Washington residents. The Earth can be unpredictable, yet that tension (tectonic 'n otherwise) inspired some excellent music.

(This one's for Jon and Tanky and Elbow and even Kyle. Inspired by a conversation with Maria Rose. Let's all be safe out there.)

Hey, do you know what today is?

September 1st, 2010 by

It's the first of the month.

Owl, owl.

Owl, owl!

(This one's for Grandma Ruth. Images via manywallpapers.com and ohio-nature.com.)

Toughest band ever? Toughest band ever.

July 27th, 2010 by

Try and tell 'em any different.

The Fearsome Foursome

These gents are, left to right: Merlin Olsen, Deacon Jones, Lamar Lundy, and (sitting in front) Rosey Grier.

Together, they are The Fearsome Foursome.

(This one is for Dell, a kindly, example-setting gentleman of the ukulele. Photo found via The Night Marchers' MySpace page. Larger version of the photo found on Ukelele Underground. At this point, Armstrong would likely insist on "Ram It," and rightly so.)