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American hands, or "Exert all the power you have and follow through."

November 12th, 2010 by

Via the mighty Uncle Internet Jesus Warren Ellis:

American reader Eric Palicki sent me a zipfile of scans he made, and the note: “I found this in a stack of my dad’s old books. The copyright date is 1942.”

This is just fascinatingly vile. Thanks, Eric.


Jujutsu, simplified.

American hands.


And that reminded me of this:


Oh, what people do.

Without redeeming value. [Fuck You Friday]

November 5th, 2010 by

Hey there, Talk Magazine of March 2001. So, a photo spread 'bout "babies as fashion accessories," eh?

Let's review:

It's not funny enough to engage.

It's not sexy enough to be intriguing.

It's not creepy enough to go all the way back around to bein' funny.

To the people who collaborated to create this image and OK-ed it into print -- you wasted your time; you wasted my time. Fuck you.