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Trust in your dreams on this Fuck You Friday.

June 18th, 2010 by

It's a Fuck You Friday.Hey, how are you?

Y'know what today is?

It's a Fuck You Friday.

Today for this Fuck You Friday, the fuck you will be levied at those who would look down on others who follow their hearts.

To those who would punish other people who dream their own dream -- fuck you. Fuck off and die.

To those who dare to dream -- best of luck. Keep on keeping on.

The best ever death metal band out of Denton will in time both outpace and outlive you.

"Responses to this shirt vary between 'WTF?!' and 'Hail Satan!'"

Now, in one of my favorite live performances of all time, this is The Mountain Goats playing "The Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton" at The North Star Bar in Philadelphia on 2007/09/22.

Hold dear to your dreams. Don't listen to naysayers. And never stop dreaming.

Good luck.

(Photo of that awesome shirt via fuckyeahthemountaingoats.tumblr.com via sparklenight.tumblr.com. This one's for Scott Armstrong.)

It's a Coming Home To You Wednesday

May 26th, 2010 by

Inspired by how this morning started, it's a Coming Home To You Wednesday. It is a specific feeling in the chest to have someone to come home to. A good weight.

Now, more Mountain Goats. Here is "Sax Rohmer #1."

Who is Sax Rohmer? The pen name of Arthur Henry Sarsfield Ward, the British novelist best remembered for creating the villainous Dr. Fu Manchu.

John Darnielle Is Empathetic

May 26th, 2010 by

John reaches out.

from peter hughes’ tour photos

A moment with John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats, via fuckyeahthemountaingoats.tumblr.com via what's-their-name.