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It's a "Let's listen to the music of the band Quicksand" Saturday.

September 4th, 2010 by

Saturday. I love Saturdays.

Let's listen to the music of the band Quicksand.

Quicksand shirt front. Art by Melinda Beck.

The front of a Quicksand shirt. Art by Melinda Beck.

Quicksand were an hardcore/post-hardcore mid-tempo jackhammer punk rock band out of New York City during the early 1990s.

When they moved with speed, their music careened high like a vapor trail above a grey city. When they moved methodically, their sound groaned and creaked like girders in a bridge above water or boards in a boat's deck.

Anthemic, teeth-bared music. Each melody and line is hard-bitten and hard-won. It is inspirational in its own grim and glorious way.

The back of Quicksand shirt.

Small text from the back of the same Quicksand shirt.

Here they are playing "Thorn In My Side" and "Brown Gargantuan" on The John Stewart Show in 1995. (Hilariously, they're followed by Elastica playing "Connection" on this video.) Let's listen:

(Thanks to YouTube user xshedx1270.)

Here they are playing "Head To Wall" (live) and "Omission" (soundcheck) during their 1993 tour with Rage Against The Machine.

(Thanks to YouTube user joenehi.)

Let it set.

September 3rd, 2010 by

Where is this? Do you know? I'd like to know.
Don't know where this is, but I'd like to.

Visit a beach as soon as you can.

Bacon-wrapped pot stickers?

August 23rd, 2010 by

Bacon-wrapped pot stickers?

Bacon-wrapped pot stickers.

Do it. Then, send photos.

May your Monday be a Double Rainbow Monday.

July 19th, 2010 by

It's a Monday. But may your Monday be a Double Rainbow Monday.

May you be as excited about something today as this gentleman was about seeing a double rainbow in his front yard. Yes.

One meeeleeyun thanks to The Jo for saying "You have to watch this now."

It's Bastille Day. Fight on, party on.

July 14th, 2010 by
Prise de la Bastille by Jean-Pierre-Louis-Laurent Houel.

"Prise de la Bastille" by Jean-Pierre-Louis-Laurent Houel.

It's Bastille Day today, celebrating a symbolic victory of the common people over the aristocratic feudalists during the French Revolution.

I reckon that the thing to take away from Bastille Day is how hard it is to have a representative republic. It's a struggle fought in the days in-between the celebrations.

No small thing. In fact, it's monstrously difficult. Right now, The United States Of America isn't doing so well at having a representative democracy.

Remember, "[every] revolution is unfinished." Every day must be a fight for a more just world. We can always do better -- individually and collectively.

But tonight, party. Party it up for the French, 'cause they got it done once.

. . .

And now, some American Steel. Couldn't find a live video of "Insurrection Avenue" so here they are playing "Loaded Gun" live at Burnt Ramen in Oakland sometime in 1999.

(This one, of course, is for Mom. Thanks to hep for the "lol freedom of speech" link. Thanks to Glen Carlson for recording that AmSteel show. Picture of the painting via Wikipedia.)

It's a Decycling Wednesday.

June 30th, 2010 by

What do you do on a Decycling Wednesday?

"de-stroy cycles and circles, not myself"

Here's the song "Decycling" by American Steel, one of the best punk rock bands The Bay Area has ever seen.

Listen now:  

The lyrics to American Steel's song Decycling held aloft in San Francisco.

They are an inspiration. Make this Decycling Wednesday your own.

Here's American Steel playing "Every New Morning," Maria," and "Rogue's March" at The Fest 8 in Gainesville, FL.

This one's for the girl with all the names.

Big Daddy Drew Magary expounds on why European train stations invite American violence and other truths.

June 15th, 2010 by
Gare du Nord station in Paris.

"Leaving Paris from Gare du Nord (this station can be seen briefly in the Bourne Identity & Bourne Supremacy)." via Flickr user dbray46.

"Big Daddy Drew" Magary dispenses some of the best advice in the world.

His gleefully profane, unerringly right-on-target words of wisdom entertain mightily even as they may possibly "advise." He's right up there in the advice-giving pantheon of greats with Susanna Williams and Fat Wreck Chords' Floyd.

In addition to his monstrously funny NFL writing at Kissing Suzy Kolber, Magary hosts a Reader Mail Funbag over on Deadspin that runs on Tuesday and Thursday. This is where the advising happens. Recurring topics include beer, acceptable courses of action, and poop.

Quite a few of these Funbag letters and their retorts have concerned the heroic scenarios that run through the minds of men at any given time. From last Thursday's Deadspin Funbag, this is one of those letters:


Just came back from a trip to the UK and the EU. Each time I presented my passport, or hopped on a train, or walked into a new restaurant, I was acting out scenes from the Bourne movies, sizing up the room and potential threats. Even though I can't speak another language and wouldn't last three seconds in a Paul Greengrass-style fight, I WAS Jason Bourne every day of my three-week trip. I am the best spy in the world.

Drew Magary:

The European train stations get me every time. They're all so big and elegant looking. You just want to take a hostage and start shooting everyone in your path.

Matt Damon as Jason Bourne doing something spy-esque near a train.

Matt Damon as Jason Bourne doing something spy-ish near a train. You see how this happens?

The passport is also a nice touch, because everyone's passport photo looks like a mug shot taken at 4AM. Then they give you those stamps and it's like the path of a known fugitive. LOOK! HE'S BEEN TO INSTANBUL! IS THAT WHERE HE MET THE RUSSIANS?

When I am disgustingly rich (I have many plans for when I am rich), I will purchase dozens of fake passports and ID's and convert thousands of dollars into various foreign currencies. Then, I will buy a safety deposit box in a bank. Then I will place the passports and ID's and money and a gun in the box and leave it there. Then, when I die, I will leave my son the key to that box. Then he will open it up and be fucking DAZZLED. Dad was goddamn BADASS.

Yes. Yes!

I love all of this so much, but I love that final paragraph's idea so so much that the first time I read it, I laughed 'til there were tears. Tears of joy.

Thank you, Drew. Thank you.

(Photo of Gare du Nord via Flickr user dbray46. Photo of Matt Damon via guardian.co.uk.)

It's a Reclamation Monday.

June 7th, 2010 by

Reclamation means what you want it to.

Here are Fugazi performing their song "Reclamation" in front of the United States Capitol building in Washington, D.C. This was 1992.

What is your One Thing Worth Sharing on this particular day?

June 6th, 2010 by
Donzi, resplendent.

Donzi, resplendent. He shares his cuteness and attentiveness.

Do you have one thing worth sharing today?

By all means — please do.

Is it a story? A link? A picture? A song? A video? A tale? Any form or format is fine.

Please add your One Thing Worth Sharing to the comment section below, and that'll share it with everyone.

Sincerely, thank you.

Squaring up on the big villain for this Fuck You Friday

June 4th, 2010 by

It's a Fuck You Friday.Good afternoon. It's a Fuck You Friday.

Today, our fuck you is directed at British Petroleum. This is an obvious choice, and an earned choice.

Safety measures were flouted, and the result is a preventable disaster that with be with us for years.

Fuck you, BP -- for allowing this catastrophe to happen. Fuck the other companies that were involved that similarly chose quickness over safety.

A heron sits dying amid the BP oil spill.

Gerald Herbert for AP, "A young heron sits dying amidst oil splattering underneath mangrove on an island impacted by oil from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in Barataria Bay, along the the coast of Louisiana on Sunday, May 23, 2010."

Fuck you to anyone who ever let the words "drill baby drill" sincerely slip through their sneering lips. The reason the United States of America is in Iraq is because the USA is beholden to oil, and those that make their money from oil. We need clean, renewable energy now. That is the right thing to do.

Disagree? You're wrong. And you've been proven wrong before this. Fuck you.

We are a nation built on innovation, and oil is a cycle we can and must innovate out of. Those who profit in the short term are not helping, to put it simply. They are the enemies of positive possible futures. We need more regulation, not less. Otherwise, this is what we get.

NYT map of oil spill as of June 3.

Screenshot of the New York Times' interactive map of the BP oil spill as of June 3, 2010.

Companies, by their very existence, do not work towards the public good; companies work in their own interest. That is what they are for.

Remember, the villain is not BP -- the villain is our own consumption. But you already knew that. Everyone knows that, especially the ones who play dumb regarding that.

BP vs The World

At worst, as is attributed to Winston Churchill, "The United States invariably does the right thing, after having exhausted every other alternative."

With negative energy having been vented, here's how you can help the Gulf Coast right now. Do this:

American Red Cross, Southeast Louisiana Chapter
Louisiana Disaster Recovery Fund
National Wildlife Federation
The Nature Conservancy

And one more option of ways to help as put forth by Siege, who is from that area:

Hear ye, hear ye. A modest proposal.

Lemons to lemonade: you see spilled oil and dead birds, I see the raw materials we need to tar and feather every BP exec we can lay hands on.

Those who are responsible must be held responsible. The mental image of tarring and feathering provides a fine start. A man-made disaster of this sort must never happen again.

(Heron photo via The Constant Siege via Boston.com's The Big Picture. Map screenshot via NYT interactive map. BP juicer via STMMH.)