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For Flag Day, a reminder of why flags are such ugly things.

Monday, June 14th, 2010 by

Today was Flag Day here in the United States Of America.

Here are the lyrics to Fugazi's song "Facet Squared" from the album In On The Kill Taker:

pride no longer has definition
everybody wears it, it always fits
a state invoked for the lack of position
strength is the bait
that keeps us busy
if it's perforated, then tear it to bits
all sense was lost in the frenzy
they should never... touch the ground

irony is the refuge of the educated
always complaining but they never quit
cool's eternal but it's always dated
they should never touch the... touch the ground

it's not worth, it's the investment
that keeps us tied up in all these strings
we draw lines and stand behind them
that's why flags are such ugly things
they should never... touch the ground

Here are Fugazi playing "Facet Squared" at 328 Performance Hall in Nashville, TN on 1993/04/06:

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