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Inside The U.S. Mint

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010 by

There is so much to like about this photo in so many ways.

"Pointing at the sunlight flowing into the courtyard, Facilities Manager Art Ferretti explains how The Old Mint was designed to utilize natural lighting techniques. The Architect knew the building would most likely be shuttered from the outside, allowing the courtyard to act as a lightwell. The Old Mint, located at 88 5th Street, opened in 1874. In the 1930's, the Old Mint housed one third of the Gold reserves in the United States. There are plans to renovate the Old Mint, but no timetable has been set."

This picture comes to us via a SFGate.com photo essay about San Francisco's Old Mint.

And now, the band Hot Snakes will sing for us about this subject. Here's the song "US Mint" -- a b-side from their gloriously/immercifully downstroke-saturated Audit In Progress LP:

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